PSP Industries
Diversified Fabricator

Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibilities

HSE programs are only effective when everyone learns their responsibilities and works together as a team. Everyone must fully understand what is expected of them as well as the results that are expected for their departments. Performance reviews and appraisal systems must measure performance and hold all members personally accountable for that performance.
Parent Company Responsibilities:
·        Establish overall HSE goals and policy.
·        Ensure that each facility has the financial and technical support
necessary to maintain the
         HSE programs necessary to protect the health and safety of our employees, and to preserve the environment.
·        Lead formal HSE audits at each facility annually, and informal audits on an as needed basis.
Plant Manager Responsibilities:
·        Maintain a constant awareness of all HSE issues throughout the facility.
Promote an excellent level of safety performance through positive reinforcement and assignment of personal
         accountability to every company employee, contractor, and visitor.
·        Assign a qualified staff member to oversee the HSE programs and ensure that all elements of the HSE
         Policy are followed.
·        Investigate each accident, assuring that whenever accident causes or other HSE issues are identified,
         corrective actions are effected quickly. Accidents include all actual and near miss incidents involving
         personal injury or property damage.
All Staff, Managers, and Supervisors Responsibilities:
·        Perform initial and update safety training for each employee covering the 
potential safety hazards of their job
         as well as all written and recognized safe work operating practices and procedures. Participate in plant-wide
         safety training
·        Thoroughly and promptly investigate and report all accidents occurring in their area of jurisdiction.
·        Provide continual surveillance of their area looking for any HSE issues, reporting all such issues and making
         suggestions for correction wherever possible.
·        Ensure that all workers follow established safe work practices and procedures. Issue safety warnings and safety
         reprimands to any individuals not following these practices and procedures.
Each Employee’s Responsibilities:
·        Conduct themselves and perform their jobs in accordance with all established safe work practices and procedures.
·        Reporting all workplace hazards and accidents and make suggestions for their control.